Model Question Papers

Model Question Paper – 1

Max. Marks 100

  1. Choose ONE of the topics given below and participate in a group discussion.

    (25 marks)

    1. Computer is only a tool. Its intelligence is a myth.
    2. Students should be tested on only the subjects of their choice at the end of the B.Tech course.
    3. Teacher attitude in the classroom is more important then the knowledge he/she imparts.
    4. Spiritual quotient is necessary for success.
    5. Evolution is not about progress.

      (Note to teachers: a GD can be conducted on one of the topics to test the students' spoken skills in groups of 6-7 students. The evaluation for this discussion could be based on the following parameters;

      • initiative, leadership – 10 marks
      • language, fluency, logicality, connectivity ...

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