Compendium of Icebreakers Volume 2
Who Are You?
The activities in this group are used to reveal information about the participants’ own
uniqueness, values, ideas, interests, and experiences. This information can be used by
them to determine what they need to obtain from this learning experience and from
others in the group. These activities also help the trainer know the participants better so
that the presentation can be adapted to fit their needs.
Group Size Time (in minutes)
5–10 10–20 20–30 30+ Any 5 10 20 30+
2.12 You Ought To Be in
2.13 My Picture Is Worth a
Thousand Words
2.14 Anchors
2.15 Three Truths, One Lie
2.16 The Exhibit Hall
2.17 Résumé
2.18 The Name Tag
2.19 The People Hunt
2.20 What’s in Your Wallet or
2.21 Where Are You From?
2.22 My Family Shield
2.23 Here’s My Card
2.24 What’s In a Name?
2.25 Name Your Uniqueness
2.26 I See Myself As…
2.27 You Can’t Tell a Book by
Its Cover
2.28 First Impressions
2.29 Sticky Characters
2.30 The Sandwich Board
2.31 Are You More…?
2.32 The Movie Screen
2.33 Feelings Wheel
2.34 Meet My Orange
Compendium of Icebreakers Volume 2
You Ought To Be in Pictures!
To gather some useful information so that all participants will know one another better
Use this activity when you want participants to learn more about one another.
Group Size
Up to 20 people
30 minutes
Supplies and Equipment
Polaroid camera and film
Handouts and Materials
Prepare a handout like the sample provided
You Ought To Be in Pictures! handout
Room Setup
Large space on a wall for posting handouts
Procedure for Conducting the Activity
1. As participants register, take each person’s photo with the Polaroid camera. Give them
a handout, and ask them to glue their photo in the appropriate space and to answer the
2. Post the sheets on the wall with the tape.
3. Ask the participants to look over the posted sheets during the workshop warm-up or
during the breaks. Suggest that they start to place names with faces and note common
Compendium of Icebreakers Volume 2
Ask the participants to complete the handout before arriving at the workshop.
Vary the questions to fit the theme, objectives, and content of your workshop.
Use the information from the handouts as a means of regrouping the participants.
Make copies of the handouts for participants to keep.
Reproduced from Compendium of Icebreakers Volume 2
by Lois B. Hart, HRD Press, Inc., Amherst, MA
Handout for Activity 2.12
You Ought To Be in Pictures!
Job Responsibilities:
What are your expectations for this workshop?
What resources, skills, and talents do you have that others might enjoy or from which they might
What is something exciting that you have done or that has happened to you recently?
What unfulfilled dream do you have?
What else would you like us to know about you?

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