Compendium of Icebreakers Volume 2
4. Conduct several rounds using these sentence stems:
“At work, I am a…”
“In my community, I am a…”
“In this group, I will be a…”
5. Invite participants to suggest additional sentence stems.
Have everyone stand in a circle. Explain that as you name categories of roles, participants
move into the inner circle if they fit that role and briefly discuss what they have in common.
Examples are: all men, all women, all leaders, all talkers, all good listeners, all parents. See
more examples in Activity 3.26: Potpourri, a regrouping activity in Connecting Point 3:
Making Transitions.
Compendium of Icebreakers Volume 2
To identify commonalities among participants
This activity works well as a warm-up activity as well as for team building.
Group Size
20 minutes
Supplies and Equipment
Moveable chairs
Small tables
Handouts and Materials
Several 3" x 5" sticky note pads (four sheets per participant)
Room Setup
Open space for mingling
Procedure for Conducting the Activity
1. Give each participant four sticky notes and ask them to write an important personal
characteristic on each one. Note that these should be no more than a few words and
should be printed in large block letters.
2. The sticky notes are now “pasted” on the participants’ clothing.
3. Have participants mingle around, reading one anothers’ sticky notes. Allow 5 minutes.
4. Ask participants to form groups of three or four people, based on something they share
in common.
5. Take 10 minutes in the small groups to discuss group members’ similarities and
differences and to develop a group name that reflects what they have learned about
one another.
Compendium of Icebreakers Volume 2
6. Each small group briefly reports to the total group its group name and explains what it
is that the group members originally thought they shared. That is, they should explain
why they formed and what they finally concluded they really did share.
If team building is your goal, see the Building Your Team activities (3.18 through 3.25) in
Connecting Point 3: Making Transitions.
Dr. Marshall Sashkin
Compendium of Icebreakers Volume 2
What's Your Sign?
To learn more about one another in a lighthearted way
To regroup participants
Some people think that astrology is all bunk, and others will be enthusiastic believers, so
gauge your group before using this activity. Use this activity as a lighthearted way for
participants to learn more about one another.
Group Size
Works with up to 50 people
15 to 30 minutes
Supplies and Equipment
Handouts and Materials
Prepare 12 table tents using heavy paper. Label each with the name of an astrological sign.
The astrological symbol could also be used. Cut out today’s horoscope from the newspaper
and tape each sign’s information unobtrusively inside the appropriate table tent.
Room Setup
12 tables
Procedure for Conducting the Activity
1. Ask if anyone has had a birthday recently. Make a statement about the belief held by
many people that the date we were born determines who we are and how we respond
to life.
2. Lay the 12 tents out on a table. Ask the participants to find all others in the group who
have their same astrological sign, pick up their tent, and regroup at a table accordingly.
If there are large numbers of a particular sign, divide that group so that there are no
more than eight in a group. If there is only one person for a sign, place him or her with
the sign closest in date.

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