Chapter 6

Parallax: Mindset 2.0 1

6.1. Introduction

This chapter discusses the influence of cultural contingencies in strategic decision-making. It means thinking about science by interlaced reading of psychoanalysis, cultural biology, and professional profile in a systemic and open perspective. In fact, the 2.0 concept does depict a need to take into account the wealth of cultures and individual potential in the digital age. In addition, this wealth is synonymous with creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. Such thinking can express itself fully in strategic decision-making and therefore falls in the gamut of competitive intelligence. We will analyze the multicultural influences made possible by digital technology before drawing out their consequences on competitive intelligence.

6.2. Thought and action in the digital age

The profound changes related to interactive digital era experienced by individual, society, systems, and organizations require professional practitioners in strategic decision-making, and competence and behavioral analysts to cope with the economic intelligence programs. The current architectonic tripod of participation, sustainability, and application of information (shared, collaborative, and distributed) of economic intelligence processes requires professionals with qualities far beyond the knowledge that can be acquired through education or professional practice. The requisite skills fall within a new set of skills and a vision of reality in which we are ...

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