Chapter 13

Territory and Organizational Reputation 2.0 1

13.1. Introduction

The changing patterns of production and dissemination of information on the Web has marked the transition from a first-generation Internet to, what is now appropriate to be called, Web 2.0, a term that describes both technological developments often resulting from ascending innovations [CAR 06], new uses (through the democratization of tools and technologies which are simple to implement, often free in order to promote participation) and a Wide scope of social phenomenon. The new communication territories, founded by the digital culture and the expressive culture related to the advent of participatory Web, seem to be consecrated to new places of social practices, mobilization, and activism. Under the influence of changing patterns of technological, economic, and cultural production and dissemination of information, a new communication paradigm horizontal and producer of collective intelligence has been established.

In fact, the digital age allows anyone to produce or co-produce and disseminate information content which often targets a wide audience. The principle is simple: the receiver of information can become a transmitter, and hence, become a medium. The principle that governs the indistinctness of mediated communication in the social space is thus confirmed or even strengthened: “the recipients or the enunciators of speeches, messages, and other various forms of communication which organize their ...

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