Chapter 17

University: Catalyst for the Implementation of Competitive Intelligence 2.0 in Africa (Case Study of Nigeria) 1

17.1. Introduction

African countries such as Nigeria, have not incorporated Competitive Intelligence (CI) as part of their public policy. On the other hand, other countries such as Brazil and France have been able to identify the virtuous circle generated by the triple helix concept, which resides in the networking of states, industries, and universities. Therefore, the CI concept is being introduced through training and research, mainly in universities through inter-university networks established with Western countries.

In fact, competitiveness is not the main concern or the source of motivation for development in Nigeria. The Nigerian interest and development policy focus on the means, methods, and technologies for more effective governance of the country in all socioeconomic aspects. Therefore, academic links seem to be relevant methods as the first step in long-term strategic implementation. We will, therefore, present the genesis of the introduction of Economic Intelligence (EI) in Nigeria, and then we will consider the interest in setting up international projects and highlight the development opportunities offered by the establishment of EI in Nigeria.

17.2. Genesis of the introduction of EI in Nigeria

Chronologically, the introduction of EI in Nigeria commenced in 2002 with the signing of a collaboration framework agreement between the University ...

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