Chapter 21

Ten Signs Your Organization Is in Trouble

In This Chapter

arrow Holding politics and ego at bay

arrow Waving red flags amid an exodus of talent

arrow Recognizing the importance of people and creativity

When organizations resist change and fail to adapt to the ever-evolving marketplace, they’re doomed to fail. How can you tell when your organization is falling behind? In this chapter, I list ten symptoms of companies that fail to take advantage of what CI has to offer. If you can catch the symptoms early enough, your CEO and others in leadership positions may have a chance, with the help of CI, to turn things around and save the patient. This chapter is required reading for CEOs because they’re really the only people who have the power and influence to execute the necessary changes.

tip.eps Although recognizing these symptoms is a great way to self-diagnose, this list of symptoms is also useful in recognizing when competitors, suppliers, distributors, or other businesses that impact your organization are headed for trouble.

Profit Margins Are Declining

Declining profit margins are an early warning ...

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