Complete B2B Online Marketing

Book description

Learn to take full advantage of search and social media for B2B marketing

Business-to-business marketers have been slow to enter the online marketing arena, but now that the impact of search and social media marketing in the consumer marketplace is clearly documented, B2B marketers are ready for a complete guide to making the most of the medium. Written by experts with first-hand knowledge of the field, this book clearly explains how to leverage today's search engine marketing and social media technologies to get, nurture, and convert leads. Topics include strategy, branding, monitoring, resource allocation, and much more.

  • B2B marketers need detailed, practical guidelines and strategies for how best to gain, nurture, and convert leads using today's Internet technologies and strategies

  • This ultimate how-to guide examines strategic and branding considerations, search engine optimization techniques, and how to maximize the impact of banner ads and landing pages

  • Explains how to use social media listening and monitoring tools, how to engage visitors, and how to allocate resources to ensure success

  • Covers measuring results, improving web site usability, using metrics, and nurturing leads

Skilled B2B marketers who are ready to take advantage of all that online marketing has to offer will find this guide provides exactly the know-how they need.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Contents
  3. Advance Praise for Complete B2B Online Marketing
  4. Acknowledgments
  5. About the Authors
  6. Introduction
  7. Chapter 1: Understanding B2B Online Marketing
    1. Why Online?
      1. Your Current Marketing Mix
      2. Assessing the Value Proposition of Online
    2. B2B Is Different
      1. Building B2B Confidence
      2. Developing Individual Relationships with Decision Makers
      3. Mitigating the Decline of Brand Loyalty
    3. Developing Your Strategy
      1. How Online Marketing Can Solve Your Organization’s Pain Points
      2. Supercharging Content and Messaging with Online
    4. How Online Reflects the Funnel: Objectives and Measurement
  8. Chapter 2: Building a B2B Brand Online
    1. Understanding Online and Using Digital Strategies to Build a Brand
      1. Business-to-Business Brand Building vs. Business-to-Consumer Brand Building
      2. Using Online to Build Trust
    2. Tactical Guide to B2B Branding Online
      1. Online Impact on the Marketing and Sales Funnel
      2. Who Are Your Customers and Why Do They Buy?
      3. Building a Website Based on Your Brand
      4. Using Search, Display, Social Media, and Retargeting to Build Your Brand
    3. Go Identify Your Audience
      1. Defining Audience Segments
      2. Identifying and Solving the B2B Pain Points for Each Segment
      3. Setting Up Objectives and Measurement
    4. Determining Your Content Strategy
      1. Mapping Your Audience
      2. When to Create and When to Kill Content
      3. Choosing the Most Helpful Distribution Channels
  9. Chapter 3: Search Engine Optimization: Outranking Your Competitors
    1. What Is SEO?
      1. Trends in Algorithms
      2. Making Search Personal
    2. The Wagging Tail of Keywords
      1. Researching Keywords
      2. Writing with Keywords
      3. Keywords Where You Almost Forgot to Put Them
      4. Monitoring Keyword Performance
    3. Squeezing the Juice Out of Links
      1. Developing Links for Better Ranking
    4. Designing for Optimal Results
      1. Getting Rich Media to Work for You
      2. Mapping Your Site
  10. Chapter 4: Using Paid Online Media in the B2B Marketplace
    1. Search Engine Marketing
      1. The Basics of Paid Search Marketing
    2. B2B Strategies for Paid Search
      1. Paid Search as Awareness
      2. Building a Paid Search Strategy to Generate Demand
    3. Display Advertising for B2B
      1. Display Advertising to Drive Awareness
      2. Display Awareness Metrics
      3. Display Advertising for Demand Generation
      4. The ROI of Display
    4. Social Media Advertising
      1. Promoting with Twitter
      2. Facebook Advertising
  11. Chapter 5: Search and Social Media for Online PR
    1. Overview of Traditional B2B PR
      1. The Traditional Press Kit
      2. News Clipping Service
      3. Tracking Analyst Relations
    2. How Online PR Is Different
      1. Understanding the SEO Press Release
      2. Reaching Out to Bloggers
      3. Social Media Influence
    3. Three B2B Online PR Case Studies
      1. Rutgers Center for Management Development
      2. SES Conference & Expo
      3. Piper Aircraft
  12. Chapter 6: Social Media
    1. Social Media Listening
      1. Look Who’s Talking
      2. Where Your Customers Talk
      3. Setting Up Listening
      4. Feedback Loops: Product, Marketing, and Strategy
    2. Exploiting Your Resources
      1. Capacity Planning
      2. Organization and Ownership
      3. Training and References
    3. Social Engagement
      1. When to Let Comments Go
      2. Keeping Pace with Velocity
      3. The Value of Social Brand
      4. Fortifying Your Customer Advocates
  13. Chapter 7: Optimizing with Metrics
    1. Aligning Analytics with the Goals of Your Site
    2. The Basics of Analyzing Metrics
      1. Distinguishing the Right Measures
      2. Understanding Your Traffic
    3. Key Performance Indicators and Other Meaningful Reports
    4. Wash, Rinse, and Repeat to Improve Your Site
      1. Checking the Numbers
      2. Identifying Traffic Problems
      3. Conversion Problems
    5. Testing for Ongoing Optimization
    6. Should It Stay or Should It Go?
      1. When to Overhaul and When to Kill
    7. Social Media Metrics
      1. Creating Strong Paid Ads for Social
      2. Growing Social Through Earned, Organic Search
  14. Chapter 8: Conversion Rate Optimization and Usability
    1. Web Usability and CRO: Similarities and Differences
    2. Where to Start: Stages for Usability and CRO
      1. Balancing the Call to Action
      2. Business Maturity: The Litmus Test for Usability or CRO as a Starting Point
      3. CRO Basics: Assessing Opportunity
    3. Key B2B Conversions
      1. Early Stage: Engagement
      2. Midstage: Microconversions
      3. Late Stage: Form and Trial Conversions
      4. Knowing When Not to Test
    4. Getting Started with Usability Practices
      1. Understanding and Developing Personas
      2. Alerts to Usability Problems
    5. Building Blocks for Usability
      1. Orienting with Cues and Copy
      2. Scanning: Or, What’s at Stake
  15. Chapter 9: Integrating Online with Offline Marketing
    1. Can Events and Online Marketing Ever Join Forces?
      1. Using Online Marketing to Drive Event Registration
      2. Getting the Most Out of Event Participation
    2. Using Online Marketing to Track, Measure, and Understand Traditional Marketing
      1. Direct Mail
      2. Print and Traditional Advertising
  16. Chapter 10: Managing Your Leads: Automation and Nurturing
    1. Basics of Marketing Automation
      1. Effectively Using Segmentation
    2. Lead Nurturing
      1. The Who: Finding the Right Audience Through Lead Scoring
      2. The What: Creating the Right Content
      3. When It’s 1:1 and When It’s 1:Many
    3. Basics of B2B Email Marketing
      1. Email Best Practices
      2. Getting the Most Out of Your Emails
      3. Cleaning Your Lists to Ensure Quality Leads
      4. Segmenting Email for Better Response
  17. Chapter 11: Integrating Marketing with CRM
    1. Understanding Your CRM
      1. What Is a CRM Integration, and Why Is It Important?
    2. Types of Data Integration
      1. Integrating CRM with Search
    3. Marketing Automation and CRM
      1. Clean Data Integration
      2. Integrating Social Media with CRM
      3. Integrating Web Analytics with CRM
      4. Call Tracking and Data Integration
    4. Must-Have CRM Metrics
      1. Web Lead to Closed Deal
      2. Social Impact
  18. Chapter 12: The Overall Marketing Mix
    1. Marketing Mix Framework
      1. The State of the (Marketing) Union
    2. Digital vs. Traditional Investments
    3. What Mix Is Most Effective?
      1. Analyzing Returns
      2. Forecasting
      3. Correcting
    4. Sometimes You Can’t Predict the Future
    5. Integrating New Forms of Marketing into the Mix
  19. Glossary
  20. Index

Product information

  • Title: Complete B2B Online Marketing
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: August 2012
  • Publisher(s): Sybex
  • ISBN: 9781118239186