a practical guide for
developing your
leadership talents
the stuff that drives you
Susan Bloch
& Philip Whiteley
Manager’s momentum – a new suite of management development books for the
leaders of the future
We’ve taken the successful approach of the momentum personal development books – active
personal coaching, applied personal values and highly stimulating delivery – and applied it to
the portfolio of skills that talented leaders of the future will want and need. The result? A set of
books and accelerated learning tools for smart managers that will equip you for a bright future
of managing talented people and entrepreneurial ventures.
These are intelligent, inspiring yet practical books on a new breed of essential managerial
topics – a far cry from an older style of management book, which too often features the same
old tired subjects drowned in dense text. Manager’s momentum is characterized by edgy,
modern subjects delivered in an easily absorbed dynamic style. These are books to make you
energized, not tired. And books that you’ll be happy to be seen with.
Other manager’s momentum titles:
Managing talented people
getting on with – and getting the best from – your high performers
Alan Robertson and Graham Abbey
Solution-focused coaching
a manager’s guide to getting the best from people
Tony Grant and Jane Greene
Also available – momentum personal development books for the stuff that drives you.
Lead yourself
be where others will follow
Mick Cope
Change activist
make big things happen fast
Carmel McConnell
personal training for life and work
Guy Browning
The complete list of momentum personal development titles is available via
www.yourmomentum.com and www.business-minds.com
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momentum managing talented people introduction
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More momentum
If you need more drive for your life, try one of these titles, all published under the momentum label:
change activist
make big things happen fast
Carmel McConnell
lead yourself
be where others will follow
Mick Cope
happy mondays
putting the pleasure back into work
Richard Reeves
the big difference
life works when you choose it
Nicola Phillips
hey you!
pitch to win in an ideas economy
Will Murray
snap, crackle or stop
change your career and create your own
Barbara Quinn
float you
how to capitalize on your talent
Carmel McConnell & Mick Cope
redesign yourself for a smarter future
Guy Browning
from here to e
equip yourself for a career in the wired
Lisa Khoo
coach yourself
make real change in your life
Tony Grant & Jane Greene
grow your human capital
what you know, who you know, how you use it
Hilarie Owen
momentum prescription – Let Us Help You Work Out Which Book Will Suit Your Symptoms
Feel stuck in a rut? Something wrong and need help doing something about it?
If you need tools to help make changes in your life: coach yourself (a good general guide
to change)
If you are considering dramatic career change: snap, crackle or stop
If you need to work out what you’d like to be doing and how to get there: be your own
career consultant
If you need help making things happen and tackling the ‘system’ at work/in life: change
If you think you want more from your life than a ‘normal’ career: careers un-ltd
Feel that you can never make decisions and you just let things ‘happen’?
If you need help making choices: the big difference
If you want to feel empowered and start making things happen for yourself: change
Feel life is too complicated and overwhelming?
If you need help working through office politics and complexity: clued up
If you need a kick up the backside to get out of your commerce-induced coma: change
If you need an amusing and very helpful modern life survival guide: innervation
If you never have enough time or energy to get things done or think properly: mental space
Feel like you might be in the wrong job?
If you want help finding your destiny job and inspiration to make that dramatic career
change: snap, crackle or stop
If you feel like you aren’t doing a job that is really ‘what you are about’: soultrader
If you are struggling with the ‘do something worthwhile OR make money dilemma’: change
If you think you want more from your life than a ‘normal’ career: careers un-ltd

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