Chapter 3. What Could We Watch?

Regardless of the type of site you’re running, there are many things you can track: the actions visitors took, the experiences they had, how well they were able to use the site, what they hoped to accomplish, and most importantly, whether your business benefited in some way from their visits.

Here’s a quick overview of some of the things you’d like to know, and the tools you’ll use to collect that knowledge.

What we’d like to know

Tool set to use

How much did visitors benefit my business?

Internal analytics

Where is my traffic coming from?

External analytics

What’s working best (and worst)?

Usability testing, A/B testing

How good is my relationship with my market?

Customer surveys, community monitoring

How healthy is my infrastructure?

Performance monitoring

How am I doing against my competitors?

Search, external testing

Where are my risks?

Search, alerting

What are people saying about me?

Search, community monitoring

How are my site and content being used elsewhere?

Search, external analytics

We’re now going to look at many of the individual metrics you can track on your website. If you’re unfamiliar with how various web monitoring technologies work, you may want to skip to Chapter 4 and treat this chapter as a reference you can return to as you’re defining your web monitoring strategy.

How Much Did Visitors Benefit My Business?

When you first conceived your website, you had a goal in mind for your visitors. Whether that was a purchase, a click on some advertising you showed ...

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