Author Biographies

We would like to thank all of the contributors to the various chapters of this book.

Jean-François GAJEWSKI

Jean-François Gajewski gained his degrees at ENSAE (Supaéro), and is an EADS technical expert for Astrium Satellites, lecturer at ISAE, as well as a coordinator for the Comité Technique AFIS “Sûreté de Fonctionnement des Systèmes” [AFIS Technical Committee “Dependability of Systems”]. After obtaining his Engineering degree in 1980, he joined Matra Espace where, for nearly 10 years, he was in charge of the dependability of the projects Spot1, Ariane 4 then Ariane 5 (vehicle equipment bay), Columbus, developing autonomous processing methods for complex system anomalies. He became head of the Systems Dependability Department at Matra Marconi Space in 1993 for the deployment of dependability engineering within the company (both space and ground segments). At the same time, he introduced an original training program for systems dependability and safety engineering (Supaéro, ENSICA, INSA, ENSEEIHT) and devised a specialized aeronautics course (Aeronautical Maintenance) for the Civil Aviation University of China (CAUC) in Tianjin (in collaboration with ENAC, ISAE, AIRBUS). Nominated as an EADS technical expert in 2005, he supervises all of the advanced studies in systems dependability for the Astrium Satellites account (including the domain of data security), and is in charge of promoting experience from in-orbit feedback in systems engineering processes.

Hélène ...

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