Chapter 11. Travel Photography

I, along with everyone, love to go on vacation, travel to new and exciting places, and then share my photographs when I return. Travel photography is one way that you can share your adventures with family and friends.

To take great travel photographs, you need to combine a variety of different types of photography into one. From photographing the local architecture and famous landmarks to capturing the people and customs, good travel photographs can transport you to just about any place on the planet. There are some things to keep in mind when photographing your travels, from keeping the composition simple to using leading lines when photographing the buildings, people, and culture of the places you visit.

Travel Photography

The Golden Gate Bridge photographed from the northwest side with the city of San Francisco in the background. I zoomed all the way in to isolate part of the bridge but it is still recognizable as the famous California landmark. Taken at ISO 200, f/9.5, and 1/350 second.

Composition Considerations

Travel photography is a combination of landscape photography, architecture photography, and people photography with some still-life images thrown into the mix. I am not going to rewrite the whole landscape chapter here, so keep in mind that when a travel landscape situation comes up, you can refer to Chapter 8. Following are some of the guidelines to use when ...

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