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CompTIA A+ Cert Guide

Book Description

Learn, prepare, and practice for exam success

  • Master every topic on both new 2009 A+ exams.

  • Assess your knowledge and focus your learning.

  • Get the practical workplace knowledge you need!

  • DVD Features 2 Complete Sample Exams

    Start-to-finish A+ preparation from the world’s #1 PC hardware expert, Scott Mueller!

    Master every A+ topic!

  • Essential concepts and troubleshooting principles

  • BIOS and CMOS

  • Memory types and characteristics

  • I/O ports and multimedia devices

  • Video cards and displays

  • Motherboards, CPUs, and adapter cards

  • Laptop components

  • Networking

  • Security

  • Windows Vista, XP, and 2000

  • Power supplies and system cooling

  • Printers

  • Safety and environmental concerns

  • Test your knowledge, build your confidence, and succeed!

  • Packed with visuals to help you learn fast

  • Dozens of troubleshooting scenarios

  • Real-world A+ prep advice from experts

  • Easy-to-use exam preparation task lists

  • Do I Know This Already? quizzes help you gauge your knowledge, focus your study, and review the material

  • DVD Features 2 Complete Sample Exams

  • Detailed explanations of correct and incorrect answers

  • Multiple test modes

  • Random questions and order of answers

  • Sample videos from CompTIA A+ Cert Kit

  • www.pearsoncertification.com