2.2. Professionalism and Communication

Whether you are an internal or external support professional, you have customers. For the external support professional, it is easy to identify your customers. For the internal support professional, the people for whom you provide support are still your customers, and you still need to provide them with service. To provide this service, you will be required to communicate with them, and this communication should remain professional in its tone and manner. The best way to maintain the right level of professionalism is to respect the customer; whether the customer is right or wrong, you should still give him respect. You can still show him respect while you educate him, work with him, or explain to him that he is wrong.


The professionalism and communication section of the A+ exam should be common sense for most readers. The exam questions will present a wide range of responses to given scenarios; the answer will usually be the one that illustrates good communication skills and respect for the client. Verbally abusing the client and hanging up will not be the correct answer!

2.2.1. Good communication skills

What we've got here is a failure to communicate.

—Cool Hand Luke

A breakdown in communication can be blamed for many of the problems that exist in our world today. It is often a source of conflict that begins with a misunderstanding. To avoid this conflict with your customers, always make sure that you use good communication skills. ...

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