2.2. Solving Boot Errors and Errors Requiring Restarting

With the number of computers in most offices and how the law of averages works, it seems like there is always a problem that requires or causes a reboot. In large offices, it can seem like the Welcome to Windows chime is always playing. In fact, so many support people have used rebooting as the first step in dealing with problems that some users now instinctively reboot even before calling in a support person. This is not always the best course of action because it often removes information that can be used to locate the root of the problem.

2.2.1. Auto-restart errors

In many cases, auto-restart errors are caused by power-related issues, other hardware failures, or software configuration problems. If the computer auto-restarts, something is definitely wrong.

Some common issues that can cause auto-restarts include

  • Service configuration: When configuring Services, you can choose an action to be taken when the Service fails. One action is to restart the computer. If you have a Service that is failing and it is configured to restart the computer when it fails, this causes an auto-restart. This setting can be seen in Figure 2-2. More information on Services can be found in Book VI, Chapter 3.

    Figure 2.2. Auto-restarting a service after a failure is just one of the options.
  • CPU fan: Most computers have a default thermal setting ...

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