12.6. Review Questions

  1. A computer is experiencing random reboots and phantom problems that disappear after reboot. What should you do?

    1. Tell the customer that it's normal for the computer to do that.

    2. Replace the motherboard.

    3. Boot clean.

    4. Replace the power supply.

    5. Open the cover, clean the inside of the computer, and reseat all cards and chips.

  2. Which of the following is used to properly discharge voltage from an unplugged computer monitor?

    1. Antistatic wrist strap

    2. Screwdriver

    3. High-voltage probe

    4. Power cord

  3. Which of the following must contain information about a chemical solvent's emergency cleanup procedures?

    1. OSHA

    2. MSDS

    3. Product label

    4. CRT

  4. You are purchasing, for home use, an inkjet printer cartridge that you know has an MSDS. How do you obtain the MSDS for this product? ...

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