13.7. Review Questions

  1. Which statement is true regarding upgrading a computer system?

    1. When upgrading RAM, you must also upgrade the CPU.

    2. When upgrading RAM, you must perform a forklift upgrade on the entire system.

    3. When upgrading RAM, it is possible that you can upgrade RAM only.

    4. RAM is the only upgrade you can perform on modern computer systems.

  2. Which two of the following are today's best choices for video adapter technology?

    1. ISA

    2. PCI

    3. PCIe

    4. AGP

  3. Which of the following is not a selection criterion for RAM?

    1. Physical size

    2. Solid state

    3. Speed

    4. Capacity

  4. While installing a CPU, you apply gentle pressure to the surface of the CPU, but it will not seat. When you examine the pins of the CPU to see if they are straight, you find that a number of them are bent. Why are the ...

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