Appendix B Answers to Performance-Based Questions

Chapter 1: Motherboards, Processors, and Memory

Answer to Performance-Based Question 1

Here is how to remove a DIMM and replace it with another one:

  1. Pull the tabs on either end of the DIMM away from the DIMM.
  2. Pull the loose DIMM straight out of the slot and away from the motherboard.
  3. Ensure that the locking tabs are completely opened and out of the way of the slot.
  4. Align the module's notch with the tab or tabs in the slot.
  5. Insert the new DIMM straight down into the slot.
  6. Apply firm and even pressure downward until the locking tabs automatically snap into place.
  7. Nudge the tabs inward toward the module to make sure that they are tight.

Answer to Performance-Based Question 2

The components ...

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