Chapter 13. Using Windows Operating Systems

It’s important for any PC technician to be able to navigate through the Windows operating systems and access the different tools. You should have a clear understanding of how to use tools like the Task Manager, applets within the Control Panel, and the tools within the Administrative Tools group. You’ll learn about all of these tools in this chapter, including some basics about navigating Windows.

Exam 220-802 objectives in this chapter:

  • 1.4 Given a scenario, use appropriate operating system features and tools.

    • Administrative

      • Computer management

      • Performance monitor

      • Services

      • Task scheduler

      • Component services

      • Data sources

    • Task Manager

      • Applications

      • Processes

      • Performance

      • Networking

      • Users

    • Run line utilities

      • MMC

  • 1.5 Given a ...

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