Chapter 16. Understanding Disks and File Systems

When working with any operating system, it’s important to understand how disks and file systems are used. Disks must be formatted using a specific file system, and the file system you choose can impact its performance and security. Windows operating systems include several different tools used to manage disks, and if you know how to use these tools, you can overcome most problems with any disk.

Exam 220-802 objectives in this chapter:

  • 1.2 Given a scenario, install, and configure the operating system using the most appropriate method.

    • Partitioning

      • Dynamic

      • Basic

      • Primary

      • Extended

      • Logical

    • File system types/formatting

      • FAT

      • FAT32

      • NTFS

      • CDFS

      • Quick format vs. full format

    • Factory recovery partition

  • 1.3 Given a scenario, use ...

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