Chapter 18. Introducing Networking Components

Networks are an important part of computing today. Large businesses have used networks for decades, but today it’s also common to find a network in small businesses and homes. They allow people to easily share resources with other users in the same room and even with other users anywhere in the world.

Exam 220-801 objectives in this chapter:

  • 2.7 Compare and contrast Internet connection types and features.

    • Cable

    • DSL

    • Dial-up

    • Fiber

    • Satellite

    • ISDN

    • Cellular (mobile hotspot)

    • Line of sight wireless Internet service

    • WiMAX

  • 2.8 Identify various types of networks.

    • LAN

    • WAN

    • PAN

    • MAN

  • 2.9 Compare and contrast network devices and their functions and features.

    • Hub

    • Switch

    • Router

    • Access point

    • Bridge

    • Modem

    • NAS

    • VoIP phones

Exam 220-802 objectives ...

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