Chapter 21. Comparing IPv4 and IPv6

One of the primary ways computers are identified in a TCP/IP network is with an IP address. As an A+ technician, you are very likely to come across the different types of IP addresses, and you might even need to troubleshoot some problems related to IP addressing. In this chapter, you’ll learn about some of the basics both for IPv4 and for IPv6 addresses.

Exam 220-801 objectives in this chapter:

  • 2.3 Explain properties and characteristics of TCP/IP.

    • IP class

      • Class A

      • Class B

      • Class C

    • IPv4 vs. IPv6

    • Public vs. private vs. APIPA

    • Static vs. dynamic

    • DHCP

    • Subnet mask

    • Gateway

  • 2.4 Explain common TCP and UDP ports, protocols, and their purpose.

    • Protocols

      • DHCP

  • 2.6 Install, configure, and deploy a SOHO wireless/wired router using appropriate ...

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