Examination Cram Tips

The exam tips that follow are very important A+ Essentials facts that you should keep in mind for the actual exam. They are very short details without long-winded explanations, getting right to the point of what you really need to know about each topic. Consider this a book lesson without all of the "fluff." The tip topics change fast, just like the question topics you will be asked on the exam. This is good practice for any certification exam to get your thinking up to speed. Remember this point: you might already be a great technician and have the ability to install, configure, and troubleshoot all aspects of hardware and operating systems. However, the exam expects you to basically have a photographic memory. Your memory and these tips may just be the difference between a passing or failing grade on the exam. You should run through and memorize these relevant test tips just before taking the exam:

Rambus memory sticks must be installed in pairs.

Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Vista operating systems support the NTFS filesystem.

Windows 2000 will support a maximum of two processors.

Both ASR (Automated System Recovery) and ERD (Emergency Repair Disk) are utilities that can be used to restore corrupted system files. ASR uses Windows Backup in Windows XP to restore critical information. ERDs can be created and used with Windows NT and Windows 2000 for recovery purposes.

It is very important to note how printing speeds are measured for the ...

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