Chapter 31

Compare and Contrast Authentication, Authorization, Accounting, and Nonrepudiation Concepts

In this chapter, you learn about four keys to security, as we compare and contrast authentication, authorization, accounting, and nonrepudiation concepts (CompTIA IT Fundamentals+ Objective 6.4).

Authentication topics include:

  • Single factor

  • Multifactor

  • Examples of factors (password, PIN, one-time password, software token, hardware token, biometrics, specific location, security questions)

  • Single sign-on

Authorization topics include:

  • Permissions

  • Least privilege model

  • Role-based access

  • User account types

  • Rule-based access

  • Mandatory access controls

  • Discretionary access controls

Accounting topics include:

  • Logs

  • Tracking

  • Web browser history

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