Assessment Test

  1. Which of the following optical discs will store the most data?

    1. CD-ROM
    2. DVD-ROM DL
    3. DVD-ROM DS
    4. RS-ROM
  2. Which of the following devices are used for persistent user data storage in a computer? (Choose two.)

    1. HDD
    2. RAM
    3. ROM
    4. SSD
  3. Which of the following on your computer is considered firmware?

    1. RAM
    2. SSD
    3. CMOS
    4. BIOS
  4. What was the first widely adopted video connector standard?

    1. CGA
    2. VGA
    3. XGA
    4. DVI
  5. What type of removable storage is often used in digital cameras?

    1. Flash drive
    2. NAS
    3. Memory card
    4. Mobile media card
  6. Which of the following peripherals is considered an input device?

    1. Scanner
    2. Printer
    3. Touchscreen
    4. Flash drive
  7. Angela has an iPhone with a biometric scanner enabled. She powered the device off and just turned it back ...

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