CHAPTER 6Installing a Physical Network

The CompTIA Network+ Certification exam expects you to know how to

• 2.4 Given a scenario, differentiate and implement appropriate wiring standards, such as loopback

• 2.6 Categorize LAN technology types and properties, such as bonding

• 2.8 Install components of wiring distribution: vertical and horizontal cross connects, Patch panels, 66 block, MDFs, IDFs, 25 pair, 100 pair, 110 block, demarc, demarc extension, smart jack, verify wiring installation, verify wiring termination

• 4.7 Given a scenario, troubleshoot common connectivity issues and select an appropriate solution—Physical issues: crosstalk, near end crosstalk, attenuation, collisions, interference

• 5.3 Given a scenario, utilize the appropriate ...

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