CompTIA Network+ N10-005 LiveLessons (Video Training)

Video description

CompTIA Network+ N10-005 LiveLessons is a unique video product that provides you with more than four hours of personal, video
instruction frominstruction from Network+ certified instructor Anthony Sequeira. The product contains a series of short¿ instructional videos that demonstrate how to accomplish various network planning, implementation, and verification exercises.

The product contains 18 individual video lessons consisting of instructor training, animations, and network equipment screencasts.
The 18 video labs cover the following topics:

1. The OSI and TCP/IP Models

This video teaches students everything the exam expects them to know about these critically important computer networking models.


2. IPv4 and IPv6 Addressing

This video presents the addresses and formats used in both the IPv4 and IPv6 networking protocols.

3. IPv4 Subnetting

This video teaches students the concepts of TCP/IP subnetting. It also teaches students how to perform these calculations using nothing but pencil and paper. Verification of work is also taught using online subnet calculator tools.


4. Router and Switch Setup

This video demonstrates the physical and programmatic tasks that are required to setup and install a typical network router or switch.


5. Routing and Routing Protocols

This video covers the methods used to route Internet or intranet traffic. It also demonstrated the configuration and operation of the most popular routing protocols used today.


6. Common Networking Protocols

This video provides in depth coverage of the important networking protocols used today, such as HTTP, DNS, FTP, DHCP, SMTP, etc.


7. Network Troubleshooting

This video guides students through the “art” of troubleshooting. Various overall approaches and methodologies are presented.

8. Virtualization

This important video details the exciting and revolutionary world of virtualized computing. It includes detailed discussions on virtual hosts through entire virtual networks.


9. Configuring Wireless

In this video, wireless networking equipment is described and demonstrated.


10. Networking Media

This video describes and demonstrates the use of the many different network media types that can be used today.


11. Networking Topologies

Various networking topologies are demonstrated in this video – including both logical and physical topologies.


12.Network Management Tools and Techniques

This video covers overall techniques that can be used for network management today. Tools like management systems and network analyzers are discussed and demonstrated.

13. SNMP

The Simple Network Management protocol is the subject of this video. It follows the video before it logically. This video includes in depth demonstrations at various network devices.


14. Quality of Service (QoS)

QoS is one of the most important topics in modern networking. This video details this set of technologies for students, and provides extensive demonstrations at the command line.


15. Common Network Attacks and Mitigation

This video describes the most common forms of network attacks and the most appropriate methods of combatting these attacks.¿


16. Securing Wireless

This video describes the various methods for securing a wireless infrastructure. It includes demonstrations on a variety of wireless devices.

¿ 17. Firewalls and Intrusion Prevention Systems

This video details all important aspects of these critical security devices. Demonstrations then show how these network devices prevent attacks.


18. VPNs

Once again, this video describes VPN technologies, and then demonstrates them using a variety of different network devices.


Product information

  • Title: CompTIA Network+ N10-005 LiveLessons (Video Training)
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: December 2011
  • Publisher(s): Pearson IT Certification
  • ISBN: 9780132957977