Chapter 21

A Network Troubleshooting Methodology

This chapter covers the following topics related to Objective 5.1 (Explain the network troubleshooting methodology) of the CompTIA Network+ N10-008 certification exam:

  • Identify the problem

    • Gather information

    • Question users

    • Identify symptoms

    • Determine if anything has changed

    • Duplicate the problem, if possible

    • Approach multiple problems individually

  • Establish a theory of probable cause

    • Question the obvious

    • Consider multiple approaches

      • Top-to-bottom/bottom-to-top OSI model

      • Divide and conquer

  • Test the theory to determine the cause

    • If the theory is confirmed, determine the next steps to resolve the problem

    • If the theory is not confirmed, reestablish a new theory or escalate

  • Establish a plan ...

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