19.2. Troubleshooting Steps

In the Network+ troubleshooting model, there are nine steps you've got to have dialed in:

  1. Information gathering—identify symptoms and problems.

  2. Identify the affected areas of the network.

  3. Determine if anything has changed.

  4. Establish the most probable cause.

  5. Determine if escalation is necessary.

  6. Create an action plan and solution, identifying potential effects.

  7. Implement and test the solution.

  8. Identify the results and effects of the solution.

  9. Document the solution and the entire process.

To get things off to a running start, let's assume that the user has called you yet again, but now they're almost in tears because they can't connect to the server on the intranet and they also can't get to the Internet. (By the way, this ...

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