CompTIA Network+ Study Guide, 2nd Edition

N10-005 Exam Objectives

Objective Chapter
1.0: Network Concepts
1.1 Compare the layers of the OSI and TCP/IP models. 2,6

OSI model: Layer 1 – Physical, Layer 2 – Data link, Layer 3 – Network, Layer 4 – Transport, Layer 5 – Session, Layer 6 – Presentation, Layer 7 – Application; TCP/IP model: Network Interface Layer, Internet Layer, Transport Layer, Application Layer (Also described as: Link Layer, Internet Layer, Transport Layer, Application Layer)

1.2 Classify how applications, devices, and protocols relate to the OSI model layers. 5

MAC address; IP address; EUI-64; Frames; Packets; Switch; Router; Multilayer switch; Hub; Encryption devices; Cable; NIC; Bridge

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