Chapter 17

Troubleshooting Tools

The Following CompTIA Network+ Exam Objectives Are Covered in This Chapter:

  • 4.3 Given a scenario, use appropriate software tools to troubleshoot connectivity issues.
    • Protocol analyzer
    • Throughput testers
    • Connectivity software
    • Ping
    • Tracert/traceroute
    • Dig
    • Ipconfig/ifconfig
    • Nslookup
    • Arp
    • Nbtstat
    • Netstat
    • Route

Most of us are running Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) version 4 on our networks these days, so we absolutely need a way to test IP connectivity. But we also need to be able to test and verify IPv6 networks. The reason for this is that even though Microsoft makes the majority of client platforms, a lot of the commands used to test IP connectivity are really platform independent, ...

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