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CompTIA Security+ SY0-201 Cert Guide

Book Description

CompTIA® Security+ SY0-201 Cert Guide

David L. Prowse

DVD Features Complete Practice Exam

  • Master every topic on CompTIA’s new Security+ SY0-201 exam.

  • Assess your knowledge and focus your learning.

  • Get the practical workplace knowledge you need!

  • Start-to-finish Security+ SY0-201 preparation from computer security consultant, Security+ trainer, and author David L. Prowse.

    Master every Security+ SY0-201 topic!

  • Core computer system security concepts

  • OS hardening and virtualization

  • Application security

  • Network design elements and threats

  • Perimeter security

  • Network media and devices security

  • Physical security and authentication models

  • Access control methods and models

  • Vulnerability and risk assessment

  • Monitoring and auditing

  • Cryptography, including PKI

  • Redundancy and disaster recovery

  • Policies, procedures, and people

  • Test your knowledge, build your confidence, and succeed!

  • Two practice exams in the book, and an additional exam on the DVD, help you prepare and assess your readiness

  • Packed with visuals to help you learn quickly

  • Key topics are highlighted to focus your study

  • Exam preparation tasks include a review of key topics, memory table exercises, key terms, hands-on labs, and review questions

  • DVD Features Complete Practice Exam

  • Detailed explanations of both correct and incorrect answers

  • Multiple test modes

  • Random questions and order of answers

  • DVD also features complete video solutions to the Hands-On Labs in the book

  • Shelving Category: Certification
    Covers: CompTIA Security+