Chapter 4

Analyzing Potential Indicators Associated with Network Attacks

This chapter covers the following topics related to Objective 1.4 (Given a scenario, analyze potential indicators associated with network attacks) of the CompTIA Security+ SY0-601 certification exam:

  • Wireless

    • Evil twin

    • Rogue access point

    • Bluesnarfing

    • Bluejacking

    • Disassociation

    • Jamming

    • Radio frequency identification (RFID)

    • Near-field communication (NFC)

    • Initialization vector (IV)

  • On-path attack (previously known as man-in-the-middle attack/man-in-the-browser attack)

  • Layer 2 attacks

    • Address resolution protocol (ARP) poisoning

    • Media access control (MAC) flooding

    • MAC cloning

  • Domain name system (DNS)

    • Domain hijacking

    • DNS poisoning

    • Uniform resource locator (URL) redirection ...

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