Evaluation of tourism developments with artificial intelligence according to the opinions of tourism hotel managers

Nesrin Menemenci1, Mehmet Altınay2, Zehra Altinay3, Fahriye Altinay3 and Gokmen Dagli3,    1Faculty of Tourism, Near East University, Northern part of Cyprus, Nicosia, Mersin, Turkey,    2Faculty of Tourism, University of Kyrenia, Kyrenia, Northern part of Cyprus, Mersin, Turkey,    3SOCIETAL RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT CENTER, FACULTY OF EDUCATION, UNIVERSITY OF KYRENIA, NORTHERN PART OF CYPRUS, KYRENIA, MERSIN, Turkey


Artificial intelligence has begun to be seriously effective in every field today. In this context, we can talk about the existence of artificial intelligence in the field of tourism. This study aims to reveal ...

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