Facebook, 460
Failures See also Mean time between failures (MTBF) See also Mean time to failure (MTTF)
Amdahl’s law, 56
Berkeley’s Tertiary Disk project, D-12
cloud computing, 455
definition, D-10
dependability, 33–35
dirty bits, D-61 to D-64
DRAM, 473
example calculation, 48
Google WSC networking, 469–470
power failure, C-43 to C-44, C-46
power utilities, 435
RAID reconstruction, D-55 to D-57
RAID row-diagonal parity, D-9
rate calculations, 48
servers, 7, 434
SLA states, 34
storage system components, D-43
storage systems, D-6 to D-10
TDP, 22
Tertiary Disk, D-13
WSC running service, 434–435
WSCs, 8, 438–439
WSC storage, 442–443
False sharing
definition, 366–367
shared-memory workload, 373
FarmVille, 460
Fast Fourier ...

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