Packed decimal, definition, A-14
Packet discarding, congestion management, F-65
ATM, F-79
bidirectional rings, F-35 to F-36
centralized switched networks, F-32
effective bandwidth vs. packet size, F-19
format example, F-7
IBM Blue Gene/L 3D torus network, F-73
InfiniBand, F-75, F-76
interconnection networks, multi-device networks, F-25
latency issues, F-12, F-13
lossless vs. lossy networks, F-11 to F-12
network interfaces, F-8 to F-9
network routing, F-44
routing/arbitration/switching impact, F-52
switched network topology, F-40
switching, F-51
switch microarchitecture, F-57 to F-58
switch microarchitecture pipelining, F-60 to F-61
TI TMS320C6x DSP, E-10
topology, F-21
virtual channels and throughput, F-93

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