Chapter 14. Representing Identity


AEMELIA: Most mighty duke, behold a man much wrong'd.All gather to see them.ADRIANA: I see two husbands, or mine eyes deceive me!DUKE SOLINUS: One of these men is Genius to the other;And so of these, which is the natural man,And which the spirit? Who deciphers them?DROMIO OF SYRACUSE: I, sir, am Dromio: command him away.DROMIO OF EPHESUS: I, sir, am Dromio: pray, let me stay.

 --The Comedy of Errors, V, i, 332–338

The theme of identity runs throughout humanity's experience, and computers are no exception. In computer science, an identity is the basis for assignment of privileges and is integral in the designation of a protection domain. This chapter discusses the many different types of identity and the contexts ...

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