Seymour Bosworth, Senior Editor I would like to give grateful recognition to Arthur Hutt and Douglas Hoyt, my coeditors of the first, second, and third editions of this Handbook. Although both Art and Doug are deceased, their commitment and their competence remain as constant reminders that nothing less than excellence is acceptable. Mich Kabay, my coeditor from the fourth edition, and Eric Whyne, our new third editor, continue in that tradition. I would not have wanted to undertake this project without them.

We mark with sadness the passing of our friend and colleague Robert Jacobson, who contributed to Chapter 1 (Brief History and Mission of Information System Security) and wrote Chapter 62 (Risk Assessment and Risk Management). Bob was a significant and valued contributor to the development of our field, and we miss his cheerful intelligence. We also miss Diane Levine, who contributed so much to both the third and fourth editions. She wrote four chapters in the third edition and six in the fourth. We are honored to continue to list her as a coauthor on five updated chapters in the fifth edition.

Thanks are also due to our colleagues at John Wiley & Sons: Tim Burgard as Acquisitions Editor, Stacey Rympa as Development Editor, Natasha Andrews-Noel as Senior Production Editor, and Debra Manette as Copyeditor and Joe Ruddick as Proofreader. All have performed their duties in an exemplary manner and with unfailing kindness, courtesy, and professionalism.

M. E. Kabay ...

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