c h a p t e r 1
Cyber Environment and
Security Issues
Look at the historical and current status of the cyber environment.
See how computer and network security issues will affect the user community.
Understand the difference between trusted and untrusted networks.
Identify threats that could be encountered when accessing the Internet and Web.
Look at the various methods of protecting computer and network resources.
Become familiar with issues relating to cybercrimes and cyber- terrorism.
Identify intellectual property theft categories.
Understand the issues relating to Internet and Web access for children.
Chapter 1 sets the stage for a discussion of the various aspects of computer, database, net-
work, and Internet security. Discussions include security issues involving all segments of the
populace as they relate to the Internet infrastructure and the Web.
Basic security concepts are established to provide a framework for the rest of the book.
Issues relating to the current security atmosphere that permeates the Internet and Web net-
working environment are presented. Efforts will be directed at presenting the who, what,
where, and how” concerning security issues.
Throughout the text, sections delve into security basics, security technologies, and secu-
rity goals. The concept of trusted and untrusted networks is presented. An overview of the
issues that affect physical and personal security includes various alternatives to counter mali-
cious activities and threats.
Three major grouping descriptors are identified that reflect the current state of the com-
puter and networking environment. The three main goals and objectives of secure computing,
which include confidentiality, integrity, and availability, are discussed. Most business, academic,
and government offices have access to a common local area network (LAN) that is acces-
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