AC. See Actual cost


defining, 26–27

sequence, 27

Activity on node (AON), 28

Actual cost (AC), 76

AON. See Activity on node

Application areas, 6

Backward pass, 36–38

Construction projects

complex, 2

phases of, 2–3

types of, 4

Control account, 62–63

Cost baseline, 61

Cost performance index (CPI), 76–77

Cost tree structure, 62–63

Cost variance (CV), 76

CPI. See Cost performance index

Critical path

definition, 36

MS-Project example, 38–41

sample network, 36

Custom reports, generating, 90–98

CV. See Cost variance

Discretionary dependencies, 100

Earned value (EV), 76

Earned value analysis (EVA)

forecasting, 77–78

simple example, 76–77

understanding key terms and metrics, 74–76

using MS-Project, 79–85

Earned value management (EVM), ...

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