Further reading

Shanley and Anderson [Min95] describe the PCI bus in detail. Dahlin [Dah00] describes how to interface to a touchscreen. Collins [Col97] describes the design of microprocessor in-circuit emulators. Earnshaw et al. [Ear97] describe an advanced debugging environment for the ARM architecture.


Q4-1 Name three major components of a generic computing platform.

Q4-2 What role does the HAL play in the platform?

Q4-3 Draw UML state diagrams for device 1 and device 2 in a four-cycle handshake.

Q4-4 Describe the role of these signals in a bus:

a. R/W’

b. data ready

c. clock

Q4-5 Draw a UML sequence diagram that shows a four-cycle handshake between a bus master and a device.

Q4-6 Define these signal types in a timing diagram: ...

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