Customizing Excel Settings 33
hidden in worksheets or documents that appear regular and harmless. The new exten-
sion for files with macros provides a better warning to the users and minimizes security
risks through regular Excel files. Correspondingly, if a template has macros in it, it will
be saved with extension .xltm. Since a large Excel user-base already exists, the older
file extension of .xls is also recognized by Excel 2007; you can even save files with this
extension. Such files are said to be saved in the Compatibility mode. Excel 2007 offers
another file format with the .xlsb extension. This format is a proprietary format, and
is meant for storing extremely large Excel files.
Customizing Excel Settings
When you click the Office button, it expands to display a list of commands, recently
opened files, Excel Options, and Excel Exit buttons. Clicking the Excel Options button
opens the Excel Options window as shown in Figure 2.14. The window opens with
options that most users want to change; Excel terms these options as Popular.
The list of popular options is divided into three categories. The first category includes
options that affect the Excel interface. For example, you can turn off the Mini Toolbar if
you find it distracting rather than helping you in your work. This category also includes
the Color Scheme option. By default, the Excel window appears in blue color scheme;
you can, however, change to silver or black color schemes if you get tired of blue. The
ScreenTips option can be turned off or changed to a shorter version where only the
name of the button is displayed when you move the pointer over a button instead of the
default setting which shows name as well as a brief description of the button’s function.
Another option included in this setting is for sorting of lists; we will use this option later
in the book. The second category of popular options lets you modify the default font
Figure 2.13
The New Workbook window.
Chapter 2 Excel Basics34
settings and the number of worksheets in new Excel workbooks. The third category of
popular options can be used to change the language settings.
The options available under the Formulas category can be used to specify how Excel
should carry out calculations. The default setting for calculations is Automatic wherein
Excel automatically updates the calculation result if a value used in the calculation is
modified. You can change the setting to Manual wherein a calculation is performed
only when you press F9 key or click on the Calculate Now command. The Calculate
Now command button is part of the Calculation group of commands that will appear
in the Ribbon when the Formula tab is made active. The Calculation Options button
in the Calculation group of buttons can also be used to modify the calculation mode.
Another option under the Formulas options category is the Formula AutoComplete
option. This option lets Excel show you a list of relevant functions as you type in your
Under the Save options category, you can specify where and how often you want your
workbook to be saved for auto recovery if the application or the computer shuts down
in the middle of your work. The default setting for the auto recovery time is 10 minutes
which is appropriate for most of your work.
The Advanced category has many customization options; some of these options are for
editing, and cut, copy, and paste operations. Through the editing options, you can, for
example, enable editing inside a cell by double-clicking the cell instead of editing the
cell content in the formula bar. In the category of Cut, Copy, and Paste options, you
can change the settings for cut, copy, and paste operations. For example, you can tell
Excel whether the Paste Options menu should appear or not when you paste data into
cells. Some of the options in the Advanced category can be set for the current workbook
Figure 2.14
The Excel Options window with the Popular options category.

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