Challenges in Technology Education and System Development in Software Ecosystem Environment

C. V. Ramamoorthy

University of California, Berkeley, California, USA

Xiaodong Lu

Electronic Navigation Research Institute, Tokyo, Japan


Graduate education is important in concept creation and technology innovation. This chapter presents the application of software engineering approaches in technology education and the introduction of needs engineering into the technical educational curriculum for creative innovation. This chapter also presents the concept of a software ecosystem to develop an environment that nurtures, supports, and advances sustainable software systems, most importantly educational systems.

2.1 Introduction

We are living in a very competitive world. Competiveness requires creativity, which in turn needs high-quality education. Education installs memory and learning skills. Our recall and association skills depend on memory and learning skills, which decay with age. The decay can be reduced, particularly during our senior years, by constant exercising and reuse of these skills. Our education should help us to achieve this, particularly when the predicted longevity of an American would exceed 130 years according to medical experts (personal communication). A principal function of education will be to enhance our creative skills. These can be helped by improving the information flow to our brains. We absorb knowledge and information through our senses, and our ...

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