Power must be treated with care to avoid accidents and blown fuses. A licensed electrician should connect the power to the supply.

Available power varies among countries, but it is generally a three-phase, four-wire, 50/60 cycles per second (Hz) alternating current (AC) system. Three cables carry 240/120 V, and one neutral cable has no voltage. The supply voltage is 120 V/60 Hz in the United States, 220 V/50 Hz in Europe, and 240 V/50 Hz in the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand.

AC means that the voltage varies between +240/120 and –240/120 V at 50/60 times per second (50/60 Hz) (Figure 2–1).

The power source must be checked for fuse value and location. The amount of power required by the sound system depends on the ...

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