Chapter XVI. Make a Better Print

Make a Better Print

Today's cameras and printers make it possible to create truly excellent prints that will rival any traditional photo print. Almost every inkjet printer on the market will give you photo-quality printing. Ye t some photographers are frustrated by not being able to get a great print.

This chapter, written by my good friend Rob Sheppard and illustrated with my images, offers a quick look at how you can make a good print.

I say quick because printing is an art form. Entire books have been written on the subject. My favorite: 301 Inkjet Tips and Techniques by Andrew Darlow.

Shoot It Right

Shoot It Right

To get a good print, you really have to start right from the beginning ... when you first take a picture.

What I'm saying is that if the picture isn't sharp from the start, it cannot be sharp in the print. Similarly, if parts of the picture are overexposed, then no amount of work will make them look right in the print.

To get a good image for printing, it is important that you pay attention to sharpness, exposure and noise when you're shooting. Use a fast enough shutter speed to stop movement in your picture. If you don't, then any camera movement will likely cause blurring. Use a tripod or brace the camera when shutter speeds get slow; anything under 1/60 second can be suspect. ...

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