Chapter 11. Monitoring Agreements and Progress

In This Chapter

  • Watching for changes in relationships

  • Following up on agreements

  • Staying involved and addressing relapse

  • Supporting and maintaining progress

After you address a conflict (see Chapters 6 through 10), you probably feel pretty good. The discussion went well, issues were addressed, and everyone left feeling optimistic. Now it's time for your staff to get back to work — and for you to monitor the agreements they made and keep track of whether they're able to improve their working relationship. You may be holding your breath to see what'll happen — will the peace hold or will things fall apart?

Right after a conflict meeting, relationships between employees often are fragile. The parties involved are typically happy with the results and see the agreement as an opportunity to start rebuilding trust, but they aren't 100 percent certain that the changes are going to stick. They're at a crucial stage — and your watchful eye will be key to providing assistance if and when it's needed.

In this chapter, I offer tips on how to oversee a post-mediation working relationship. I highlight positive and negative behaviors you should be on the lookout for, tell you how and when to step back in, and show you how to use follow-up meetings effectively.

Keeping an Eye on the Environment

The most important action you can take after a conflict meeting is simply to pay attention. This isn't the time to assume that everything's a-okay and head to Cabo for ...

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