Chapter 13. Determining How Your Company Can Help

In This Chapter

  • Partnering with Human Resources

  • Looking into dispute resolution options

  • Working with the union

  • Customizing a conflict resolution infrastructure

Even if you work in the smallest of companies, you may not be completely on your own when the inevitable conflict arises. Companies that recognize the cost of unresolved conflicts will offer various resources to help employees resolve issues early on. And those companies that haven't invested in large-scale conflict resolution strategies usually offer at least a few basic services.

This chapter takes a look at the most common conflict resolution resources, describes what each can and can't do, and helps you determine which option will best meet the needs of your current circumstance. It also looks at how you can help design a conflict resolution system for your organization — one that addresses current and future dispute resolution goals.

Working with Human Resources

The Human Resources (HR) department is a valuable resource to anyone in the organization. Most employees see HR as a compliance office — the place that makes sure everyone is following the rules and regulations. But that's not all HR does. It ensures that your company is implementing policies that protect the organization, helps managers realize the liability they carry through their actions, and sees to it that employees are meeting company expectations. HR receives a complaint, investigates the situation, and determines ...

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