Chapter 7Stage 3—Align

If you don't know where you're going, you'll end up somewhere else.

—Yogi Berra

Organizations in this stage align digital initiatives with strategic and marketing objectives. Content is optimized to focus on customer needs and intentions (see Figure 7.1).


Figure 7.1 Sitecore® Customer Experience Maturity Model™—Align Stage

The Align Stage

The previous chapter described the revolution that's taking place in the world of business. Marketers face this revolution on two fronts, their customers and their own executives. Earlier chapters described how customers are taking control of their own buyer's journey and decision process. This chapter shows you as a marketer how you can align your marketing organization around achieving business objectives. Prove how marketing achieves strategic objectives, and you'll have the executive team on your side.

The purpose of the first part of this chapter is to show you a process you can use to align your digital goals with marketing objectives that drive strategic objectives. The second half of the chapter shows you how to get started with Experience Analytics. Experience Analytics complements traditional web analytics, but it has the advantage of showing how relevant and efficient your marketing is and also gives you one single metric to measure the value of different marketing experiences across multiple channels. ...

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