Chapter 10Stage 6—Engage

Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends.

—Walt Disney

Organizations in this stage establish a data infrastructure that connects online and offline customer data repositories into a central customer repository. Customer profile data can be used in real time for relevant one-on-one dialogue across channels (see Figure 10.1).


Figure 10.1 Sitecore® Customer Experience Maturity Model™—Engage Stage

The Engage Stage

In your quest to move up the Customer Experience Maturity Model, consider the Engage stage as an important staging ground. It is here where you want to fully establish your infrastructure to connect data, build a complete connected view of the customer, and leverage data in real time. Your ability to collect, connect, and act immediately on data will give you the potential to grow your business and differentiate your value proposition toward customers and competitors.

In the era we live in, customer expectations are changing rapidly. The convenience that digital channels afford customers in decision journeys fuels expectations for positive experiences. The demand for customer relevancy has never been greater. This demand, in turn, now drives the imperative for companies to attain the single view of the customer.

Mastering the Engage stage may require a transformation of your business. Your efforts to ...

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