Chapter Six
Can you imagine what I would do if I could do all I can
- Sun Tzu
We have had the opportunity to look at some of the factors that contribute to Chinese styles of relationship and to understand what feelings are of primary importance. In building sincere, effective skills for relating to China, it is important to become a good observer; to be able to access and interpret behaviour and values, and to know what signals - both given and received - elicit trust and assist with bonding as business associates. Watch, listen and learn might be the specific watchwords of initial good practice with the Chinese.
Once we know the practical background to Chinese preferences and the behaviour they value, we need to recognise how these translate as work style, communication preferences, negotiating approaches, contract making and attitudes to such critical strategic qualities as analysis and planning, as well as the ‘softer skills’ of deploying character and emotion in relating person -to-person.
What follows is a generalised route map to the Chinese business culture and style of operating as it reflects their deeper values, thinking and preference.
The truism that people do business with people needs to become our maxim if we are to understand why we need to use the material found in the following pages.
Firstly, we will identify the preferred Chinese business style which helps us to situate it in regard to our own. Then we can link it to our business ...

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